Our newsletter, now named "NewsLink" has been published continuously since 1997. All available issues are published here. Browse through them using the links at the bottom of the page, or use the "search..." box above to find items of interest.


November 1999 Newsletter

Following my installation in the role of editor, following in the slipstream of Tony Glas, I have endeavoured to master the newsletter function within the Microsoft word package. The quality of the presentation is somewhat out of my control although the quality of the contents is wholly mine. Feedback would be welcome, particularly if anybody has access to an idiot's guide describing the intricacies of the relevant part of the word package!


August 1999 Newsletter

Happily, we once again appear to have a quorum for the Group Meeting on 2nd October. Those of you who have stated your intention of attending, will find enclosed with this Newsletter an agenda for the meeting, and a venue location map. We are still hoping this year to obtain the services of two new speakers - Nick Wood and Evan Reid having both earned a well deserved sabbaticals. This year we shall definitely be welcoming Doctor Paul Hart of the Royal Free Hospital in London, but our second speaker has yet to confirm his attendance. The meeting is now fully subscribed.