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September 2012 - I conquered the London Marathon for HSP

My journey to the finish line started back in November 2011 when I discovered I had been allocated a place in the 2012 Virgin London Marathon. Having run the race the year before, I knew a little about what was in store!!!!! My training started just after Christmas and for the next 16 weeks, I spent my weekends and evenings pounding the streets running (albeit some weeks harder than others!). They say that in running a marathon….. The real marathon is in the training, and the race itself is actually the reward! As odd as it sounds, it’s definitely true. I decided to make my training efforts worthwhile and raise money for charity - I chose the HSP Support Group as my mum suffers from HSP and I know what great work the charity does to support those affected by HSP. So far I’ve raised over £700 and my employer will match my fundraising, which will total over £1500 including gift aid! If you would like me to help raise even more money, please visit my fundraising page at


May 2012 - HSP – A Little More Time to Spare

As getting around was becoming more difficult, I stopped work half way through 2007.  I have always enjoyed getting around out of doors and so I set out to try and get round to seeing as many gardens in the Kent, Sussex and Surrey area while I was still able to.  I don’t go anywhere very fast now but hey, what’s the hurry?
As this condition started to take effect, I tried to travel around the world and see the places that appealed to me.  As that has become more difficult, I never cease to be amazed and delighted by the beauty of what we have on our own doorstep in the British Isles.

I have become conscious of how important my sight is to me to be able to enjoy these things and for that reason, have always felt a particular sympathy for people who have lost or who are losing their vision. About 18 months ago, I rang a local blind charity to see if they needed volunteers for anything. I was quite surprised to hear that they were looking for guardians who could help blind people make trips to the theatre, to cinemas and museums. I explained that with my disability I was more likely to be a hazard than a help! They thanked me for calling, took my details and said that they would contact me if any other opportunities arose.