Our Committee

Adam Lawrence - Chairman

Adam joined the Committee at our 2015 AGM and was elected as Chairman at our 2017 AGM.  He has his own web site summarising his understanding of HSP  here.

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Ian Bennett - Membership Secretary

Ian was elected Chairman at our 2010 AGM.  Ian has been Membership Secretary since 2004 and used knowledge gained in his work in aerospace to improve the Groups administration.    Ian lives in Wimborne, Dorset and is happy to be contacted at any time.

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Stephanie Flower - Help Line

Stephanie has run the Help Line since the group started. She enjoys helping our members by doing this. Steph is a qualified counsellor, works voluntarily for the CAB and has HSP herself. If you need information or to find if anyone else has had a similar problem then ask Steph.

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Dave Harris - Group Secretary

Dave was elected as Group Secretary in 2006 after being on the Committee for one year. His wife Carolyn has FSP. Dave sees his role very much as helping the organisation to progress.

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John Mason - Treasurer

John was elected as our Treasurer at the 2007 AGM and has been our "steady hand" at our finances since then.

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Della Brookman - Committee

I was diagnosed and joined the support group in 2003. In 2010 I became voluntary region three coordinator.  I contribute to the Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia's Unite Facebook group & the support group e-mail site. Helping others by finding genuine information, help & encouragement with living & maintenance of HSP. Basically, if I can help, I will. 

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Mike Cain - Committee

I am on the Genomic Medicine Advisory Group at Newcastle University. I am interested in sharing ideas about living with the condition and meeting with people.

My background is as a senior manager in the NHS, having spent 9 years at University studying Theoretical Physics, Computation and Researching Computing in a biomedical laboratory. I want to use this experience to further study the impact of HSP and treatments of its symptoms.

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