Q. What treatments are there? - A. There are three main types:

1. Physiotherapy / Exercise. Many people find a regular regime of exercises beneficial in keeping muscles stretched and thus reducing stiffness and pain. It is important to get help from neuro-physiotherapists to ensure the neurological aspects of the condition are considered in developing appropriate exercises.
2. Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Over recent years, a technology named Functional Electrical Stimulation has been used successfully by an increasing number of HSP patients. The device delivers electrical impulses directly to certain muscle groups, allowing patients to use muscles which had previously fallen out of use due to HSP. Perhaps the most common effect is to allow a trailing (dropped) foot to be actuated effectively during walking, thus improving gait and reducing fatigue.
3. Prescription medication.  A range of drugs can be used to lessen the stiffness and/or reduce pain. Some medicines are also used to deliberately weaken opposing muscle groups and thus allow some degree of mobility to be recovered.