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August 2004 Newsletter

Welcome, to the August edition of the FSP newsletter. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been two years to the month that I took over from Ian (Smith) as Newsletter Editor. I personally did not perceive the quantity of knowledgeable rewards I have gained from editing your quarterly newsletter. Participating in a group that is always on the lookout for new challenges has broadened my horizons threefold.


May 2004 Newsletter

Hello again everybody, spring is in the air, everywhere you look around, & isn’t it just gorgeous. A belated happy Easter to you all & I hope the Easter bunny was kind to you all. “I don’t know” getting over the Christmas indulgence is bad enough, then woe betide it’s Mothers Day, then a month later the shops are full of chocolates & Easter eggs. Then guess what, two months after that the TV & media are full of holiday promotions, & most of us start thinking gosh I’d better lose some weight.