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August 2005 - Hello everyone, what an undulating experience

From the 9th to 23rd June I traveled by bicycle from one end of England to the furthest bit of Scotland. Here is a huge 'thank you' to all those who supported me on this long trip which ended up as 1002 miles! If all the pledges are met I will raise £5000+ that is a large portion of the £10,000 target we hoped for.


May 2005 - “Registered and Rolling”

Being pleased to learn that the FSP Group is now registered as a charity and being mobile and reasonably fit I decided to Cycle the length of the country end to end from Land’s End to John O’Groats to assist in this!  This ride is something that I’ve wanted to do since my early childhood when I learned to ride on a small-wheeled Moulton bicycle. I have bought a modern replacement Moulton bicycle to do this! I have been building up my endurance and hope by early June to be able to manage this daily ride without too much exhaustion.  Overleaf is a list of the places and dates of my trip.  I also hope this trip will bring funds and publicity for the Group and I hope to be meeting the press during the trip at every opportunity.