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February 2006 - What a Start to 2006 for Pattie and Amber

So much has happened since my story in the August Newslink I thought it would be good to share with you the news about myself and Amber.

I have now passed my NVQ level 3 course on Emotional Intelligence. Whilst I knew it would be hard work I was determined to see it through. Over eight months I have done about 3 hours work a week. The eight individual units contained five to eight assessments for which a report of some 250 or 500 words were needed depending on the particular subject.


November 2005 - Flying Scholarships for the Disabled

Perhaps I should begin by explaining why I, a widow from a small Cotswold village, who until recently hadn’t heard of FSP, should be publishing an article about “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled” within your newsletter.  It is wholly due to my husband Paul who died 16 months ago, and your membership secretary, Ian Bennett (all will become obvious).