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August 2006 - David's short break with The Calvert Trust

From time to time I visit exhibitions/shows where the people I meet and the information I gather might benefit the group.  It was at a motability show at The Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where we had only recently held our AGM, that I came across The Calvert Trust.  I think we all agree; where attainable, new goals and targets help to promote a positive mental approach, what better than to target these positives in a physical area, with the care and support of professionals.


May 2006 - Helping those who help us

Now we have achieved charitable status and raised a reasonable level of funding, we were very proud to be able to support a medical team researching HSP. This was the first time we have been in a position to fund a research programme, and it is hoped that the group can do more of this in the future. The following words are from Dr Evan Reid who is head of the research team.