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August 2007 - "John Guard!"

I started fencing when I was 23 and was immediately hooked. I was never much good at ball games but fencing is a sport that combines technical skill, agility and mental determination to outwit your opponent. Rather like 3-dimensional chess but quicker. There are 3 types of weapon – foil, epee and sabre and each has its own conventions and target areas. Most people start with the foil and I fenced foil exclusively for some 25 years. Then I discovered epee which is the nearest one can get to duelling in that a valid hit can be made anywhere on the opponent.

It is rare for an injury to stop people from fencing, unlike other sports such as rugby, so it really is a sport for life. Fencers start at 8 years of age and go on till they drop. There are a growing number of 70 year olds enjoying fencing at an international level. These chaps may have slowed down but the skill and timing is still there and of course they are very experienced. 
I have always been a very enthusiastic club fencer. I don’t have the mental attitude to have made a mark on the national circuit. When I was 47 I was persuaded to join the newly formed Veterans Association and that was a good move. I have been on the committee now for over 15 years and helped it grow to 350 members. The Association has national championships and international fixtures and I even won my Great Britain colours at foil and at epee in the 1990’s.


May 2007 - Chilling out on the Canals

Carolyn and I are just back from a week on the canals, and I thought I’d share with you how this works for us. We own a one twelfth share in a canal narrowboat. This allows us to have at least three weeks holiday during each year. In addition there are occasional opportunities for further time on board