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February 2009 - Carrie takes to the sky

I have always enjoyed flying, when flying on holidays I am like a little kid. I get excited for the take off as well as the landing. Back in 2005 after IB came back from his time at 43 Air School, South Africa (Flying Scholarship for the Disabled) he said that I should apply as I would really enjoy it. To think of how my life has changed since then.


September 2008 - Rolls-Royce fund raise for HSP

Over the past four years, through the auspices of Rolls-Royce’s London donations committee, efforts have been made by the company to develop partnerships between its corporate headquarters in Buckingham Gate and various local community, education and environmental groups. In addition, one-off donations are often made via sponsorship of a specific sporting event and this is the tenth year Rolls-Royce has taken part in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.