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September 2009 - No longer feeling alone

My name is EM and I have suffered with H.S.P. from birth.   I have been a Newslink receiver for a number of years.

For years I've read about the meetings and region get togethers, but this year our Region 6 co-ordinator Peter B contacted me and I and my daughter Kathleen who also has H.S.P went to Porthcawl.

Oh was I nervous, fearful, of meeting someone who had the same condition as myself and my daughter.   I grew up in south coast Ireland out in the country in the valley of Slieve N?mb?n.


May 2009 - India - Work and takeaway memories

What would you say if I said I wanted to work in India for a short time?   That was the question I asked my wife, Stella one evening as we sat down to dinner and the immediate reaction was to see her face drop and a tear appear.   I have hardly been apart from my wife in 34 years of marriage let alone work abroad.