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May 2010 - Smiles and fun - shopping on wheels

LB and CS enjoying the shops together with the help of Shopmobility

I met C at the AGM last year and seeing as she lives near me I contacted her for a day out in March this year. I decided to reserve two scooters at shopmobilty in the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds.

The start of our day was disastrous when I fell into C in the car park knocking us both flying. I was also told the incorrect entrance (White Rose has several) meaning we had quite a walk to shopmobility to collect the scooters. C was a little apprehensive sitting in a scooter for the first time but I felt confident that she'd find it liberating after the initial shock - as I did when I used a scooter for the 1st time at a mobility road show last year. After shopping separately for an hour we joined up for a coffee and spent the last hour zooming around from shop to shop - smiles all round. I recall that C described it as "fantastic" realising that she wouldn't have visited as many shops if it wasn't for the freedom a scooter brings. She's even thinking of buying one in the future.


February 2010 - New member Ian takes the plunge

The story starts on a plane coming home from my honeymoon in Jamaica last year. My wife, Louise, and I had both watched the film The Bucket List on the plane. When we got home we decided to do our very own bucket lists (a list of twenty five things to do before you kick the bucket). I decided that number three on mine would be ‘to do a bungee jump’. I only put this in for a laugh and never in a million years ever thought I would do one. However, a year later on our first wedding anniversary I was opening the present that my wife had bought me and was surprised to find out that she had bought me a bungee jump from Virgin Experience Days.