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September 2013 - Extra Reward for Extra Effort

Each year Flying Scholarships for Disabled People (FSDP) awards a special trophy, the George Stewart Memorial Trust Award, to recognise one scholar's particular efforts. Every scholar works hard during the flight training process and the benefits soon reveal themselves in each one.
Several years ago the FSDP scholar selection process took place at Biggin Hill Airport.
George Stewart was an air traffic controller at Biggin Hill at the time, and was greatly impressed by the applicants and the aims of the Charity. He left FSDP a small legacy in his will and the George Stewart Memorial Trust award was born.
However, it’s often obvious that someone in particular has come that bit further in their personal journey. During the training Trustees visit the scholars at their various flying schools and sometimes the positive change in an individual is immediately obvious, which is additionally backed by their instructor's observations.
Mark Tomlinson is one such student. He told us that prior to learning to fly, he felt invisible especially at work amongst his colleagues and bosses. Flying endows a pilot with a very special form of confidence, most adults can drive a car, but not many can fly! His determination to overcome his fears, from his HSP condition and the way it impinges on his everyday life, to finding that initial special courage to take to the air did not go unnoticed.
And in recognition of Mark's enormous mental as well as physical efforts, he was awarded the George Stewart Memorial Trust award. Mark is not longer invisible!

Susie Dunbar FSDP Trustee


May 2013 - HSP saved my life!!!

I joined the HSP Support Group a year or so ago and have greatly benefitted from email advice from Ian Bennett (who pointed me in the direction of FES stimulation, more about that later). I also benefitted from reading HSP Newslink which has given me important information about my condition and many inspiring stories by HSP sufferers to which I can strongly relate. So I thought my own experiences might similarly be of use to someone; here they are.
I never knew I had HSP till I was 50 (I'm 63 now). As a boy I was a good long-distance runner and a keen cyclist. When I was 15 I did a 1,000 miles cycle tour with a friend during the school holidays.