May 2009 - India - Work and takeaway memories

What would you say if I said I wanted to work in India for a short time?   That was the question I asked my wife, Stella one evening as we sat down to dinner and the immediate reaction was to see her face drop and a tear appear.   I have hardly been apart from my wife in 34 years of marriage let alone work abroad.

This came about as the bank I work for had a group of 10 people visit from Bangalore in January 2008 to learn one or two of our processes and I was assisting in their training over four months as I did with another group who arrived in March but only stayed for three weeks.   The bank then sought staff to go to India to oversee the set up and further training of the agents.   Having worked so closely with these people / friends it became clear that this is what I would like to do and Stella supported me.   I contacted one of the project managers to say I was interested but because I have some difficulty walking would it be a problem?   No was the reply.   Getting around the office would be the same as I am used to and drivers and cars would be available to transport us as required.